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Digital electronics, electronic circuits which operate using digital signals. Digital camera, which captures and stores digital images. Digital versus film photography. Digital computer, a computer that handles information represented by discrete values. Socioeconomic phenomena edit. Digital culture, the anthropological dimension of the digital social changes. Digital divide, a form of economic and social inequality in access to or use of information and communication technologies. Digital economy, an economy based on computing and telecommunications resources. Other uses in technology and computing edit. Digital data, discrete data, usually represented using binary numbers. Digital media, media stored as digital data. Digital radio, which uses digital technology to transmit or receive. Digital television, television systems which broadcast using digital signals. Digital signal electronics, signals formed from a discrete set of waveforms, rather than continuous ranges. Digital signal signal processing, sampled analog signals represented as a sequence of digital values. Art, entertainment, and media edit.
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NHS Digital is the national information and technology partner to the health and care system. NHS Digital is helping support the front line of the NHS in responding to coronavirus COVID-19 with systems, services, and data. From triage of patients to protecting the most vulnerable, find out what NHS Digital is doing to help respond to the coronavirus outbreak, and view our data dashboards for the latest data visualisations.
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Top 7 Digital Marketing Tips to Drive Your Business Growth. In recent times when digital advertising is taking over the world of marketing, you must consider making it a part of your digital marketing strategy. No matter if your business is B2B or B2C, digital marketing can.

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