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Crack cocaine Drug and Alcohol Information and Support in Ireland
Crack cocaine is a smokeable form of cocaine which is made by chemically altering cocaine powder to form crystals or rocks about the size of a raisin. It is called crack because it makes a crackling sound when it is being burnt.
crack meaning of crack in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
If he had smiled a moment sooner Hicks would have cracked his skull. crack crack 3 adjective only before noun 1 GOOD/EXCELLENT with a lot of experience and skill crack troops a crack regiment a crack sportsman 2 crack shot Examples from the Corpus crack It was undeniably dead.
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What doesn't' crack them makes them stronger.
When" you get a crack in your car's' windshield, you can stop that crack from spreading by drilling a hole in it, he says. An untreated crack has a high concentration of force at the tip of the crack. If you drill a hole at this point, the force instead spreads around the hole and lessens the pressure on the glass.
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Crack of Dawn Crafts. DRESS N CRAFT., Lilone 3D Crystal Diamond Engrave Mother Son Christmas Decoration and Gift Showpiece. AMR WOODLABZ Engraved Wooden Customized Happy Birthday Greeting CardUnique Persona. Crack of Dawn Crafts 3 Damask. Crack of Dawn Crafts 3.
Cracking Open TechRepublic.
Surface 2 design changes make it more difficult to crack open and repair. Bill Detwiler cracks open the Surface 2 and finds a redesigned interior that makes the tablet difficult, time-consuming to open and repair. Bill Detwiler November 22, 2013, 1244: PM PST.
Cocaine Coke, Crack Facts Easy Read.
They can also mix it with water and inject shoot up it into their arm with a needle. Cocaine can also be made into small white rocks, called Crack. It's' called Crack because when the rocks are heated, they make a cracking sound.
What Is Crack Cocaine?
How Harmful Is Crack Cocaine? Many people with no experience of drugs may be wondering what is crack cocaine They have heard of cocaine, but then they have also heard of crack cocaine, and many are confused about whether these are one and the same or if they are two completely different drugs.

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