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AGENCY meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
agency In a lengthy response to the report, the immigration agency stated that it will follow the recommendations. a government / federal / state agency. credit rating agency. real estate agency. Definition of agency from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press.
Agency Wikipedia.
Agency philosophy, the capacity of an autonomous agent to act, relating to action theory in philosophy. Agency psychology, the ability to recognize or attribute agency in humans and non-human animals. Agency sociology, the ability of social actors to make independent choices, relating to action theory in sociology.
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Martin Hewson, 12 Associate at the York Centre for International and Security Studies, York University, describes three types of agency: individual, proxy, and collective. Individual agency is when a person acts on his/her own behalf, whereas proxy agency is when an individual acts on behalf of someone else such as an employer.
What is agency? definition and meaning
Fiduciary relationship between two parties in which one the agent' is under the control of is obligated to the other the principal.' The agent is authorized by the principal to perform certain acts, for and on behalf of the principal.
Agency Definition of Agency by Merriam-Webster.
Note: A principal is bound by and liable for acts of his or her agent that are within the scope of the agency. the agency that exists when an agent is in fact employed by a principal see also express agency and implied agency in this entry.
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This bears on the question of subjective agency because this reappropriation without transformation is exactly what agency seeks to avoid; such a process indicates, in fact, that one's' agency has failed, that one really had no agency in the first place.
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Agency philosophy Wikipedia.
Emergent interactive agency defines Bandura's' view of agencies, where human agency can be exercised through direct personal agency. 5 Bandura formulates his view of agency as a socio-cognitive one, where people are self-organizing, proactive, self-regulating, and engage in self-reflection, and are not just reactive organisms shaped and shepherded by external events.
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